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EP 010 Staying Focused in the Midst of Chaos

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Are you having a hard time focusing on your trading lately? Is your mind pulling in different directions due to so much that is going in other parts of your life, the world, and what's going in the markets? Are there so many different voices going on in your head that's causing confusion?

Being aware of not being able to focus is the first step towards refocusing your mind through intentional practice and meditation. This week's affirmations will help you to regain that focus again.

Are there so many different voices going on in your head that's causing confusion?

EP 010 Transcript

This is a unique podcast that focuses on helping traders to build and strengthen the mindset through affirmations. You can count on this space and the community that will grow from this new podcast to help provide support from a trading psychology standpoint, that's often overlooked or under practiced in trading.

Are you new to trading or have you been trading for a while?

If you've been wanting to get back into trading but afraid because you've been burned, you can come here to regain your courage and confidence to trade again. If you're currently trading, then you're also in the right place to reinforce what you already know deep down, but maybe you just need some reminders and a little encouragement and motivation to keep you going. And if you're brand new to trading then, you have the opportunity to develop your mindset for trading from the start of your journey.

Welcome to the Affirmations for Traders podcast, a special space created, especially for you to listen to affirmations that make a positive impact to support you in your trading journey. I'm Tessa your host, like many of you as a trader, I understand the struggles of this journey very intimately. I believe that by adding the power of affirmations to your toolbox, it can be the game changer that you're looking for to help you improve your trading potential and to develop yourself into a better trader.

You're listening to episode 10 of the Affirmations for Traders podcast.

Chaos and distractions can come from within ourselves and also from outside of ourselves. It's hard to ignore what's going on in the market and in the world. Especially for the people of Ukraine. I acknowledge the terror, pain, and suffering that's going on right now, and can only hope and pray that all this ends soon. Fortunately, we do have control over the internal chaos, noise, and distractions, that comes from within ourselves. Do you hear voices in your head that distract you from focusing on your work? It can be voices of self-doubt, fear, discouragement. Sometimes these voices are conflict and fighting with our more positive and encouraging voices, causing confusion, self-sabotage, and lower self confidence, and belief. Episode 4 addresses some of this. So if you haven't listened to it already, feel free to do so.

So, how do we stay focused for trading? And to stay calm and carry on in the midst of chaos? It starts with awareness, practice, and preparation.

Before we start, let's prepare ourselves. Take a moment and close your eyes. Give yourself permission to be open to the affirmations you're about to hear. And feel free to repeat along with me.

Let's begin.

  1. When I step out of my head for a moment, I'm aware of the state of mind that I'm in, how I react and respond.

  2. I am very aware of where my mind spends its time thinking. I gently bring it back to where it should be.

  3. I focus my energy on the tasks at hand that enable me to reach my goals.

  4. I protect my trading time, and set limits and boundaries on what is requested of me.

  5. I am totally present when I am trading within my trading time.

  6. I streamline and organize the tasks in my trading process so I can focus on what's critical.

  7. I take the necessary breaks needed from trading to give my mind some time to rest.

  8. My trading plan helps me to maintain focus and clarity amidst the chaos internally and externally.

  9. I improve on my ability to stay laser focused, one day at a time.

  10. As I remind myself of my trading goals and the reason for trading, I feel re-charged and re-focused again.

What will you focus on this week in your trading process? And what actions will you take to help you focus better?

You were listening to Affirmations for Traders. Thank you for listening and I look forward to doing this again with you next week! Take care.



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