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Traders Accountability Program

Do you need an extra nudge and a little tough love to help you towards your goals of trading success?


Program Mission

The perfect companion to turn trading affirmations and goals into real action and practice, the Traders Accountability Program is a sure-fire way to kickstart the change that you're searching for.

Being accountable to yourself is important, but not as powerful when also being held accountable to another person, group, or within a program.

Trading can be a lonely journey (it doesn't have to be), especially if you are isolated and don't have the support you need. It's easy to become complacent, stray, get discouraged, or even deepen bad habits and behaviors that hold you back from developing into a better trader.

The Traders Accountability Program helps to hold you accountable for the behaviors and habits that you want to change or improve to help you in your trading journey and to achieve trading success.

How It Works

Accountability is Key.

The program helps to facilitate the tracking of behavior(s) or the habit(s) that you want to change or develop. For example, you may want to improve your discipline in following your trading plan, stop trading impulsively, review your trades daily, etc..

You'll initially complete an assessment to identify the behaviors and/or habits that you want to change or develop to help you achieve your goals.

You'll track and monitor those behaviors and/or habits.  At the end of each week, you'll respond to check-in questions sent to you and submit it back to the program.

These actions help hold you accountable and responsible for your results. It also helps keep you engaged, focused, and intentional about improving.

It doesn't end there. You are regularly supported with tips, inspirational messages, reminders, leaderboards, and more along the way to keep you motivated.

Furthermore, you are encouraged to join the community within the program for peer support and further accountability.


How It's Different

The program delivers an engaging experience to help keep you on track on a unique platform that is streamlined, delivered elegantly, simply, and effectively through a mobile app that takes the noise out of social media and keeps tracking, messages, and other content centralized. Accelerate your improvement and achieve your goals.

How to Sign Up


Get on the list for updates and details on when the Traders Accountability Program will launch. Submit the form below.

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