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EP 004 Squash the Limiting Beliefs

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Are certain self-limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your fullest potential as a trader?

Understanding where those types of beliefs are coming from and bringing awareness to it are the first steps to changing them. Let's start the first month of the new year on the right foot with empowering affirmations for traders like you, seeking to add a valuable tool for your trading journey.

Are certain self-limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your fullest potential as a trader?

EP 004 Transcript

Welcome to the Affirmations for Traders podcast, a special space created, especially for you to listen to affirmations that make a positive impact to support you in your trading journey. I'm Tessa your host, like many of you as a trader, I understand the struggles of this journey very intimately. I believe that by adding the power of affirmations to your toolbox, it can be the game changer that you're looking for to help you improve your trading potential and to develop yourself into a better trader. You're listening to episode four of the Affirmations for Traders podcast.

What's keeping you from reaching your fullest potential as a trader? Do you have certain limiting beliefs about yourself, the world or life that you keep telling yourself either consciously or unconsciously? We all have those self-doubts and insecurities running in our heads that we believe to be the absolute truth. Perhaps this started deeply back in our childhood or based on a recent experience. Some limiting beliefs keep us from pursuing our inner most goal and desires, or even hold us from doing the most ordinary, but important things in life.

Of course, there are even deeper self-sabotaging beliefs that we may not even realize, but it often pours over into how we approach trade and impacts the way we trade example would be not believing that we're capable of becoming profitable in trading. What if we start questioning these limiting beliefs, have we ever considered challenging and questioning ourselves in that way? Let's imagine that we're wrong about the negative limiting beliefs and rewrite those narratives that are in our heads. Can you imagine how things can change?

Let's start on our affirmations for this week. Take a moment and close your eyes. Give yourself permission to be open to the affirmations. You're about to hear and feel free to repeat along with me. Let's begin.

  1. I'm aware of the kinds of limiting beliefs that are more harmful than helpful to me.

  2. I'm eager to expose those limiting beliefs to the surface so I can come face to face with it.

  3. It no longer has power over me because I can question it.

  4. I create new thoughts that empower me.

  5. I'm building my mental skills now so that my mindset will be healthy and strong to withstand the ups and downs of trading.

  6. I take the actions needed to build the everyday habits that develop me into a better trader.

  7. I'm capable of learning, practicing, and improving my trading strategies.

  8. I exercise my power to undo the knots of self-doubt.

  9. I accept, respect, and love myself.

  10. I take joy in knowing that I have the power to change my thoughts and squash those limiting beliefs that hold me back.

  11. I can see and feel the positive changes in my life, one by one, when I decide to believe in myself, starting now.

During the week, reflect on these affirmations and repeat them with deep intention, feel free to add any of your own to this week's affirmation. You are listening to Affirmations for Traders. Thank you for listening. And I look forward to doing this again with you next week. Take care.

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Unknown member
Jan 30, 2022

This episode was what I needed to hear! 😀

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